How do I remove the "Reserved" status from a vehicle?

Danielle Worth -

When a customer reserves a vehicle on your website the listing will automatically be marked as “Reserved”, however, if the customer changes their mind, fails to get credit approval for some other reason the vehicle purchase is not completed, you will need to change the sale status of the vehicle back to live in order to ensure that it is made available again on your website.

To do this, you will need to go into NetDirector Stock.


1. Once loaded, select Inventory Management from the left-hand menu:


2. Using the search filter at the top of the page or the keyword search box (you can search by registration number here too) find the vehicle you need to update. Don’t forget to click on the filter button to see the results of your search:


3. Once the vehicle is displayed, click on the Edit button to the right of the screen:


4. In the Vehicle Details tab, scroll down until you see the Sale Status drop-down.  Change the status from Deposit (Show as sold) to Live and click on the Save Vehicle Details button at the top of the page:


Important Note: Any changes made to vehicle records within NetDirector Stock can take up to 20 minutes to update on your live website

This will remove the “Reserved” label on the vehicle listing and the vehicle will be available to reserve or purchase again.





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